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From the initial consultation, through planning, construction, and commissioning, to later service and maintenance, we are at your disposal.

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One Stop Shop

As a one-stop store, Parkstory offers fully automated parking systems with integrated charging technology.

We offer you services ranging from planning, design, construction, production, installation and commissioning of our parking systems and integrated charging technology. After the handover and acceptance of the system, we provide service and maintenance services, support you with the parking operations, or even take over the entire operation for you.

We also provide you with all the IT applications you need for operation, as well as the app for users. If other applications need to be integrated, we are happy to integrate them with our applications.

You benefit from our expertise in relevant fields such as construction, project management, or software development. You benefit from our expertise in relevant areas such as construction, project management and software development.

Planning services

We support your project in the areas of parking and e-charging right from the planning phase.

We actively incorporate our experiences from other projects and analyses. The Parkstory planners are professionals when it comes to the technical and economic planning of the parking system and EV charging. . Our team consists of architects, civil engineers, and electrical engineers

Our team brings extensive experience in the planning and implementation of construction projects and supports you in your construction project at all times with dedication and expertise. Of course, we work with all common file formats in order to integrate our parking system easily and efficiently into your CAD models.


One Stop Shop


Planning Services

Project Management


After Sales Services

Parking Operations

Topics Covered within the Planning Process

As part of our planning services, a number of key questions need to be answered:

At the end of the planning phase, all your requirements for the parking system, e-charging, software platform, app, etc. should be known and described in detail. We then create a specification based on this for the scope of services to be delivered.

As part of a planning contract, we can provide the following services for you:

  • Basic evaluation, preliminary planning, design planning, approval planning, implementation planning, preparation and participation in the awarding of contracts
  • Creation of plans and layouts (floor plans, sections)
  • Design and layout of the parking system
  • Who will be parking (short-term parkers, long-term tenants, residents, visitors, employees, hotel guests, etc.)?
  • When are peak times expected?
  • Which vehicles are parked: How many “high” vehicles? How many “wide” vehicles (incl. charging plug)? How heavy are the vehicles?
  • How long do storage and retrieval processes take?
  • How long are the waiting times for users?
  • What energy balance can be achieved (CO2)?
  • What security-related requirements need to be considered?
  • How should the transfer cabin be monitored?
  • How many vehicles should be able to be charged, and how many at the same time? With what performance? In what time?
  • What connected load can be provided for the automatic parking system?
  • What are your total costs and overall profitability?
  • How can parking garage operators optimize their returns (occupancy optimization, dynamic pricing, etc.)?
  • Which key figures should the Parkstory Dashboard show you?
  • How many more vehicles can be parked with the Parkstory parking system?
  • How can smooth parking without interruptions be ensured during the conversion phase?

Delivery and commissioning of the system

After a successful planning phase, we design your system in detail, produce it, deliver the components to the construction site and assemble them into a complete system. We then put them into operation, test them and have them approved by an expert and you.


Instruction and training

We instruct you and the users on how the system, the app and the entire user process work. We can also train you on the backend platform if required.


As part of the acceptance of our system, we will hand over the technical documentation we have prepared to you:


Service and maintenance

After the successful handover of our parking system and e-charging system, we provide service and maintenance for you. Thanks to our IoT solutions, we can carry out some of the work remotely, and we come on site 1-2 times a year for service and maintenance work. If necessary, we can replace spare parts or carry out repairs. We can also enter into a service contract with you, in which the SLAs (Service Level Agreements) are defined.

Software updates

On request, you can also benefit from regular software updates, both for the parking and charging platform and for the backend platform for user management, billing, etc. We can also update the app for users and provide you with innovations in our AI technologies.



If you have commissioned an operator for your parking and charging system or if you are the operator yourself, we can provide you with our software platforms for operation and train your employees accordingly. We can also take over the operation for you on request.

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