Parking Reimagined

Over 25 years of experience delivering world-class parking systems, automation, and software.


TilePark™ delivers unmatched efficiency

Our TilePark™ system uses up to 60% less ft²/car than a ramp garage and even uses 25% less ft²/car than most automated parking systems.

The ingenious design of the TilePark™ conveyor system delivers this impressive space efficiency in a way that also makes it fast, reliable, resilient, and best of all, affordable.


Transfer cabin

The transfer cabin is the only part of the system that will be accessible by parkers and is seen as a high tech amenity.

The handover takes place in a spacious and video-monitored area for the vehicle, which ensures optimum accessibility and safety.

AI-based fully automated parking system

AI at work

Our proprietary AI software platform learns over time to deliver the best possible experience.

One way that TilePark™can achieve such impressive efficiency is to train our AI software to learn when each car typically enters and exits each day so it can automatically position cars in the anticiapated order of departure. Our platform also offers operators of our parking systems numerous advantages for parking space management.

The economics speak for themselves

We often hear time is money, but in real estate, space is money, and there simply is no more economical way to park cars in urban infill development projects than our TilePark system.

Flexible designs that you can build

Our TilePark™ conveyors do not require any special building systems or exacting specifications and can be configured to work around building columns, staircases, and elevators to utilize every ft.² possible.

Residential and public parking systems

Above and below ground

Parking can be located above or below ground as we utilize vertical reciprocating conveyors (VRCs) to transport vehicles up or down to the car storage area.

Residential and public parking systems


TilePark™ parking systems use less building materials, consume less electricity, and emit far less noxious emmissions than inefficent ramp garages do. They can also be dismantled and repurposed for other uses such as bicycle garages or self-storage units.

Residential and public parking systems

Modular and scalable

The TilePark™ system is fully customizable in terms of geometric dimensions, construction, façade and even vehicle dimensions. Once built, they can also often be extended if required.

Proven technology with successful references

The Parkstory technologies have been used in a variety of projects.

We have been continuously optimizing our technology since the first projects with smart towers in the 1990s, so you will benefit from our experience on hundreds of projects. We support you from the planning of your project right through to the ongoing maintenance of the parking system.