About us

Parkstory is an innovative manufacturer of fully automated parking and e-charging systems. Our team has over 25 years of experience with automated parking systems.

Our vision

Fully automated parking solutions will be the future standard in the development of new properties as well as in the retrofitting of existing properties due to their lower costs, sustainability and greater convenience.

USP of Parkstory

Parkstory is an innovative provider of AI-based fully automated parking systems with integrated e-charging technology.

Our unique selling point at Parkstory is the integration of AI-powered software solutions with our patented, proven mechanical and automated design that adds value to our customers while maximizing ease of use and convenience for our users. Parkstory’s innovations make an important contribution to protecting the environment.

Parkstory Team

Parkstory is the preferred partner for real estate developers, real estate investors, cities, builders, architects and all those involved in the planning, construction and operation of parking solutions. Parkstory offers its customers and partners all services from a single source, right from the first meeting with you.

The Parkstory team is very experienced and highly motivated. Parkstory has over 25 years of experience in parking systems, software development, automation technology, digitalization and construction.

As an attractive employer, we are always on the lookout for further motivated employees to strengthen our team. Take a look at our careers page.

Management team

Parking experience and technology expertise

Steffen Nussbaum

CEO Parkstory USA

Parking experience and technology expertise

Jürgen Lukas

CEO Parkstory Europe

Parking experience and technology expertise

Dr. Marc Lott

CTO Parkstory

Parking experience and technology expertise

Florian Pfefferle

CPO Parkstory

Patrick Härter

COO Parkstory

Parking experience and technology expertise

Peter Hartmann

Head of Project Management Parkstory

Our locations

Our teams work from our headquarters in Munich (Germany) and our development and production center in Kehl (Germany). The US headquarters and our production facility are located in Gastonia, North Carolina.

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