XY technology flexible, fully automatic parking based on the puzzle principle

We enable parking on several levels next to and even behind each other

Parkstory parking systems are based on the puzzle principle and allow fully automatic parking on several parking levels – without ramps and aisles.

How exactly does it work?


10 advantages of our XY system:

An automated parking system must always be able to execute 100% of its storage and retrieval orders; this is also the expectation of our customers.

Parkstory achieves this goal thanks to the following principles:

  • For all installed components: there is always a redundancy loop or an emergency plan that automatically comes into effect if a component fails.
  • All installed modules can move a vehicle in all four directions along the X or Y axis at any time.
  • If a component fails, the vehicle is moved from the affected module to a “healthy” module in emergency mode. The vehicle is nevertheless safely made available to the customer. The faulty module is then removed from the system’s available topology until it is 100% operational again.
  • The Parkstory parking system always dynamically learns its target state with AI and recognizes when behaviour does not correspond to this and can thus anticipate and prevent possible failures.

The Parkstory XY system has the highest parking efficiency on the market. No other system requires so little space (area and volume) per vehicle.

  • Reduction of at least 50% of the construction volume compared to a conventional parking garage. This in turn is made possible by the fact that each XY module can always move in all X and Y directions and, thanks to AI, always finds its fastest and optimum path dynamically.
  • The space requirement in the Parkstory parking system is only approx. 15 m² per vehicle, whereas a conventional parking lot requires approx. 35 m² per vehicle.
  • We also save space in terms of height, as only the height of the vehicle determines the height of the building and there is no need to provide space in height for people. The height of the storeys can also vary.
  • In comparison to other automatic systems, the space savings are also greater, as paths and aisles that are otherwise intended for lifting and moving or storage and retrieval technology can always be occupied with parking spaces.

The unique XY technology enables the most energy-efficient operation of all systems available on the market. Depending on the layout, the average storage or retrieval consumes less than 0.1 kWh.

The average distance traveled in a parking garage is often up to one km per vehicle per day or 365 km per year. If you multiply this distance by the number of vehicles parked in the parking garage, this results in significant CO2 pollution for the environment. With Parkstory, these are almost completely eliminated and thus have a positive effect on the overall energy balance of the building. In addition, the customer saves up to one tank or battery filling per year thanks to the travel savings.

Due to the compact design of our XY system, significantly less has to be built, which means we reduce CO2 pollution during the construction phase. In addition, significantly less ground is sealed.

The Parkstory XY technology can fill and empty parking garages faster than any other system. Unlike other systems, our XY system does not work sequentially, but always in parallel. This means that any number of orders can be processed at the same time.Using AI, Parkstory anticipates orders whose processing has already begun before the customer even requests their vehicle or accepts the user’s reserved pickup times via the app. Our XY system always minimizes the distance the vehicle has to travel from the customer’s request and minimizes the waiting time for the customer. This contributes to a maximally positive customer experience.

The Parkstory XY system is cheaper than a conventional parking garage.

Thanks to its simple design and high efficiency, our XY system is the most cost-effective way of parking for parking garages with at least 50 spaces (for underground garages with a depth of two parking levels or more). To provide parking space. In the case of less than 50 parking spaces or underground garages with one parking level, the decision depends on the individual project conditions, e.g. whether the space saved can be used for other purposes or whether there is any space for ramps, driveways, etc. at all.

The Parkstory XY system is easy to assemble. The modules do not need to be screwed to the floor. Due to our standards and the construction of the module and pallets, assembly is very quick. This leads to shorter construction times and lower costs for you.

The Parkstory XY system not only has a low energy requirement. This also means significantly lower service and maintenance costs. Parkstory’s maintenance contracts provide for continuous system and component monitoring (remote and on-site).

The data that is collected in the process enables the individual components to be used for an optimum service life. The simplicity of the design reduces the need for expensive repairs and allows the Parkstory service team to replace components quickly and inexpensively on site in individual cases.

The Parkstory parking systems are highly flexible with regard to a wide variety of floor plans, façade designs (wood, glass, solar, etc.) or building construction methods (concrete, wood, etc.).

The Parkstory team will work with you during the planning phase to find the best solution for you. A few parking spaces are just as possible as several thousand parking spaces. Thanks to the modular and scalable architecture and arrangement of the modules, Parkstory parking systems can also be expanded at a later date. Additional modules can be retrofitted if space is available.

Our solutions can be installed underground or above ground.


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