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Over 25 years of experience in parking systems, software development, automation technology and digitalization.


Space saving thanks to XY technology

The Parkstory parking system with our patented XY technology requires only half as much floor space as a conventional parking lot and thus saves at least 50% space.

With XY technology, the Parkstory parking system is the most reliable, safest, most convenient, most efficient and fastest automatic parking system on the market and at the same time the cheapest way to park and charge vehicles.


Transfer room

The Parkstory transfer cabin is your and Parkstory’s business card.

The handover takes place in a spacious and video-monitored area for the vehicle, which ensures optimum accessibility and safety.

AI-based fully automated parking system

Intelligent AI software

A key element of our automated parking system is our intelligent AI software platform.

It controls our automated parking system and makes parking as easy and convenient as possible for users. Our platform also offers operators of our parking systems numerous advantages for parking space management.

Economic success of your parking garage through AI technology

Parkstory’s AI-based, fully automated parking systems secure your parking garage’s investment and offer clear added value for everyone involved.

Customized, sustainable solutions

Our solution is ideal for architects, property developers, investors or local authorities who want to optimize costs and space requirements.

Residential and public parking systems

Above and below ground

Depending on customer requirements, the Parkstory parking system can be implemented above and/or below ground.

Residential and public parking systems


With our parking system, you make a positive contribution to carbon zero. They can also be dismantled and repurposed for other uses such as bicycle garages or self-storage.

Residential and public parking systems

Modular and scalable

Our solutions are fully customizable in terms of geometric dimensions, construction, fa├žade and even vehicle dimensions. They can also be extended as required.

Proven technology with successful references

The Parkstory technologies have been used in a variety of projects.

We have been continuously optimizing our technology since the first projects with smart towers in the 1990s. Benefit from our experience and know-how – we support you from the planning of your project right through to the implementation of the parking system.

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