The spacious transfer cabin - the access to the parking system

Parking has never been so bright, spacious and safe – a place to feel good

How does it work in detail?

The handover of the vehicle is uncomplicated and takes place in a specially created room – the transfer cabin.

Before entering the transfer room

After the entrance in the transfer room


Advantages of Parkstory transfer cabins:

Safety for the customer and vehicle is always at the forefront throughout the entire process.

This also means that sensors and cameras permanently monitor the Parkstory transfer cabin. Vandalism and theft as well as damage to the vehicle by third parties (e.g. by smashing open the door of the neighbouring vehicle during conventional parking) are minimized and can be tracked.

The transfer cabins are visually appealing and provide the user with a pleasant, feel-good atmosphere. Modern assistance support such as screens etc. make parking as easy as possible.

Of course, transfer rooms can be made barrier-free so that people with limited mobility, for example who rely on a wheelchair, can also use the parking system.

By scanning the vehicle dimensions, we can also assign vehicles to floors of various heights.

This means you only have to provide as much height or depth as is absolutely necessary and thus save costs.

The number of transfer cabins depends on several factors: number of parking spaces, user behavior, distribution of storage and retrieval processes over the day with expected peak times as well as access and departure options in the traffic flow play an important role here. We would be happy to advise you here too. We would be happy to advise you here too. important role here.

Our turning devices rotate the pallet with the parked vehicle by 180°, so that the driver can later drive out of the transfer area easily and, above all, forward when leaving the parking space.

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