Companies and hotel

New flagship of Finnish architecture

Katajanokan Laituri is a building that will house the head office of the Stora Enso company and a hotel, and serve as a meeting place for city dwellers and service providers in one of Helsinki’s finest locations. The business property will become a masterpiece of Finnish wood construction.

The area has a history spanning hundreds of years as a busy junction of harbour operations and passenger traffic.
For this ambitious project, the Parkstory team joined forces with various partners, committing to an environmental goal from the very start, to blend into the landscape and minimize the parking area footprint.

Challenges & objectives

Blend into the landscape

The idea was to find a solution that combines the requirements relating to urban framework with landscape, functional, aesthetic, technical and economic demands.

Carbon Neutral

One of the most ambitious goals of this project was the construction of a carbon-neutral office building that exclusively uses energy from renewable sources.

Minimize the footprint

This architectural solution form a high-quality whole that is well suited for a central seaside location, minimizing the parking area footprint.

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