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Delivery centers for buyers of Carvana vehicles

The Car Vending Machine

CARVANA is an online automotive retailer, which has redefined the car-buying experience with its innovative and customer-centric approach: allow customers to browse, purchase, finance, and even trade-in their vehicles entirely online. The company’s distinctive Car Vending Machines, spread across various locations, provide a unique and contactless car pickup experience. 


With its deep kow-how in parking experience and automobile industry, Parkstory helped Carvana to make the process of buying and selling cars not only convenient but also enjoyable for customers

Challenges & objectives

Design & construction

The Carvana Car Vending Machine is the first fully-automated, coin-operated car vending machine in the U.S. The Parkstory-team worked closely with Carvana together to design and build the desired tower. 

Space saving

Beyond the design and marketing approach, this project is first and foremost a solution to a space issue, enabling the car retailer to store and display vehicles in a secure and efficient way.

Unique technology

Parkstory put its tower technology and innovative lift system to good use to highlight Carvana’s offer: make buying a second-hand car accessible. 

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