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We make everyday life easier and less stressful with a completely new designed parking process.

Parking will be a fast, ultimately safe and convenient experience with Parkstory. The whole process from finding, ordering, using paying and sharing parking space can be conveniently managed. Say goodbye to all the inconveniences of parking and enjoy a truly modern and safe storage of your car. Use your time for something nice.

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Parkstory parking lounge with glass

Parkstory: 5-Star parking

Key advantages of parking with Parkstory.

  • You always park on street level
  • Very convenient parking, getting in and out of your car
  • Receive your car in less than 2 minutes
  • Book and pay your parking spot in advance
  • Charge your electric vehicle while parking
  • Share access to your spot and car in the safest way by sending a QR-code
  • Never damage your car again when parking
  • Rent out your parking spot when you do not need it
  • Book other mobility services
  • Enjoy maximum safety when parking your car in our friendly designed Parkstory Lounge

Maximum reliability in automated parking systems

With over one million parking processes Parkstory is one of the pioneers in modern parking – Cars are retrieved in less than two minutes.

Parkstory loves the environment and flexible green mobility

30% of emissions are caused by drivers searching for parking space. Parkstory eliminates this unnecessary traffic as you can book your parking space in advance. Why not charging your electric car while parking? Or leaving your car safely stored and continue your journey with an electric bicycle or scooter? Parkstory incorporates all these services.

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Parkstory is parking, re-invented – with impressive benefits

Icon of streetlevel parking

Always parking on street level

Icon of xxl parking lounge

Ultra-convenient XXL parking lounge

Icon of car safety

Maximum safety for you and your car

Icon of Parkstory app

Easy parking management

Icon of e-charging

A hub for new, flexible mobility an e-charging

Icon of a car-retrieval

Ultra-fast car retrieval: less than two minutes